Oleksandra Beregovenko

  • expert of the FCI-UKU (Federation Cynologique Internationale-Ukrainian Kennel Union); 

  • lecturer at the Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology IM. Gzhitsky

  • Sumy National Agrarian University : UKU breeder-cynologist;

  • veterinarian (Vyshnia College of Lviv National Agricultural University (LNAU) ;

  • dog behavior training specialist;

  • developer of dog training methods, rehabilitation and training programs in various fields;

  • conducting seminars and lectures on psychophysiology and formation of dog behavior;

  • organizer of projects for the development and promotion of modern social cynology;

  • center of social cynology and professional handling   “Harmonic Dog” ;

    Ukraine, Lviv. 

  • Head of the development, habilitation and Rehabilitation School “Child and Dog “

  • founder of the NGO “Heart, One for Two”

  • owner of the “Lemberg Chow” kennel


     Born in 1977. 

     Basic education: higher – economics, Ivan Franco National University of Lviv. 

     FCI-UKU judge, UKU breeder-cynologist, Head of the School of Social Cynology “Harmonic Dog”, Head of the School for Ability and Rehabilitation «Child and Dog», The founder and head of the “Heart for Two”, owner of the “Lemberg Chow” kennel.

     Engaged in cynology since 1992.

     The satellites of all life – Chow Chow – one of the most complex primitive, close to wildlife, dog breeds. The specific features and difficulties of the breed became the starting point of the whole subsequent canine path. In addition to Chow, in my house also lived Mastiff and Central Asian Shepherd Dog. 

     The first steps and cynological training received in the “last days” of DTSAAF. In the same years, the first cynological title of a judge was issued in the club “Tamerlan” after the collapse of DTSAAF.  

     Since 1996, a member of the FCI-UKU. 

     The initial acquaintance with the European school of cynology and animal psychology took place in the late 90’s in England when I was studying in London. 

     Since 1998, Oleksandra had been engaged with dogs, which have “problem behavior”; dogs that changed owners, and dogs expectants for “euthanasia”. The situation with cynology then was such that chances of living in such dogs were few.

     In 1999, the team “Second Chance” was created in Lviv for rehabilitation work in cynology, thanks to which, over the years, the number of “worked out” lives has been accrued in the hundreds.

     In the early 2000s, Oleksandra founded the private not breeding club Chow Chow “So’Kwong,” which in its “best” years of its existence enumerated about 200 Chow and gathered 30–40 dogs in rings.

     Since 2005, the practical work has reached the international level – in cooperation with the owners of kennels and breed clubs, the origins of various techniques and specializations have been laid. 

     Wide connections in Europe and close friendly relations with breeders, veterinarians and cynologists have helped form the information and practice base that has become the basis of her worldview. 

     A separate part in the cynology for Oleksandra is her passion for dog shows. In the breeding rings since 1996. Her dogs have titles not only the Champions of Ukraine and Interchampions, but also the titles that Oleksandra value most: the Winner of the Chow Chow Breeding Clubs of Italy, Hungary, Germany.  

     Since 2013, the Head of the vocational school for social cynology, handling, psychology “Harmonic Dog”.  This is a professional cynology school, designed to fill world of people with the latest knowledge in social cynology and share the great experience of working with dogs in everyday life!

     Since 2016, the Organizer and Head of the Public Organization “Sertse na dvokh” (Heart for Two). Its main goal is to raise and disseminate in Ukraine a professional canistherapy of different directions and tasks. 

     Periodically published articles, methodologies and recommendations for educational and rehabilitation work in cynology, handling and canistherapy. Five broad cynological educational and educational programs have also been developed. 

     From 2016 to 2020 more than 150 thematic seminars and lectures were held in Ukraine and abroad on the subject of psychophysiology of dogs, behavior formation, development and trainin. 

     The first parts of the book “Heart for Two” and “The Child and the Dog” are being prepared for publication. 

     Educational and test programs are successfully used not only in Ukrainian but also in foreign zoo protection organizations and breeding nurseries.


     Many thanks to the Friends and incredible People of my life for their love and support at every step!
     Without you, I would not have passed this difficult path!
     I thank my enemies immensely for not allowing me to stop, despite all the winds!
     Without you, I would not have gone so far))))