"Harmonic Dog"

a professional cynology school, designed to fill your world with the latest knowledge in social cynology and share the great experience of working with dogs in everyday life.

Our main goal is your RELATED comforting life with your pets!

The world in the eyes of a dog is different from what a person sees.
To study and understand this world is a very interesting learning process that changes not only your relationship with the dog, but also develops our personality. And by forming a full-fledged communication with pets according to the laws and needs of the Family, and not the Flocks, we also improve our own family relationships.

For many years, the Harmonic Dog School has assembled hundreds of interesting personalities under the same roof - both simple dog owners and professional cynologists or trainers.
Seminars, lectures and diverse social projects bring together like-minded people from different parts of Ukraine and beyond.
Educational and test programs are successfully used not only in ours, but also in foreign zoo protection organizations and breeding nurseries.

Join us!
Only together we will change the world of stereotypes and outdated myths!

Head of school "Harmonic dog"

Oleksandra Berehovenko

  • Expert of FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) Chow Chow breed and expert of the national category of KSU (Ukrainian Cynological Union);
  • breeder-cynologist;
  • specialist in the formation of dog behavior;
  • developer of cynological techniques, rehabilitation and educational programs of different directions;
  • conducting seminars and lectures on psychophysiology and dog behavior;
  • organizer of projects for the development and popularization of modern social cynology;
  • Founder and Head of the School of Social Cynology and Handling "Harmonic Dog";
  • Head of School for Development, Training and Rehabilitation "Baby and Dog";
  • the founder of the public organization "Heart, the only one on Two";
  • owner of Chow Chow brewery "Lemberg Chow;
  • in cynology since 1992;
  • by the end of 2018 more than 50 workshops and training lectures in Ukraine and abroad

"Do not flood the flow - it's a waste of the soul.
Do not fight with the flow - it's a waste of life.
Create your own currents - change the world! "